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The Beasts of The Dreadlands Collectible NFTs


The Beasts of The Dreadlands are a set of 100 collectible NFTs on the Polygon Blockchain

The Beasts of The Dreadlands are a set of 100 collectible NFTs on the Polygon Blockchain.

The Dreadlands is a dangerous and reckless place, full of caps, raiders, and specifically fearsome beasts!

The environment isn’t the only thing that can kill you in this new world, the animals from before Armageddon Day are a mutated pack of wild beasts. Some scarier than others, look through our documented sightings below and find out more about these hideous creatures!

These beasts are created using a combination of photoshopped art mixed with ai and post produced for effect and graphical overlays.

The star rating of the beasts refers to the overall rareness of that creature as a quick reference.

Which beast with you collect and add to your collection of Digi Caps NFTs? Remember, as the Digi Caps NFT project expands, all of the NFTs you collect will play a part in the future utilities!

A Selection of Beasts

Here are a selection of some of our favourite beasts. Click on one to take you to it’s OpenSea page. Browse the whole collection on OpenSea.

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Beasts, together with Bottle Cap NFTs and Raiders!

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