Digi Caps has teamed up with EXLA to help them spread their incredible offering throughout the rest of The Dreadlands!

EXLA Studio is a unique brewery on The Dutch Isles in The Dreadlands. They supply rare and exquisite beers to the islands surrounding them, including the Digi Caps Bar & Chill!

See below to find out more about the Digi Caps EXLA Studio NFTs, which also contain unlockable content by means of a voucher to get money off some of their unique merchandise! From 15% to 75% based on cap cost and includes FREE BEER!

Find out more about EXLA Studio at https://www.exlastudio.com/ 

Perks of buying from this collection

  • Digi Caps Raiders Membership
  • Free Beer with Every Purchase

The Crypto Cap Collection

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