Digi Caps has teamed up with EXLA to help them spread their incredible offering throughout the rest of The Dreadlands!

EXLA Studio is a unique brewery on The Dutch Isles in The Dreadlands. They supply rare and exquisite beers to the islands surrounding them, including the Digi Caps Bar & Chill!

See below to find out more about the Digi Caps EXLA Studio NFTs, which also contain unlockable content by means of a voucher to get money off some of their unique beers or merchandise! From 15% to 75% based on cap cost.

Find out more about EXLA Studio at https://www.exlastudio.com/ 

Bottle Cap Collections

We have wondered far and wide, searching the deepest caverns of The Ruthless Pits, to the tallest peaks of Rock Mound. Hunting caps has lead to us accumulating a number of complete collections, of which there are 999 unique bottle caps per set.

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