Crypto Cap Undercaps

So, you purchased a crypto cap and suddenly find a strange symbol on the undercap.

What does it mean?

Check the bounty board below to see what your symbol means. You may have discovered a super rare nft!

Holding an undercap enters you into a prize draw for one of the Gamers Grind bottle caps (pre-release). The rarer the symbol on your undercap, the better the odds are of you winning! With the first 25 caps in the Gamers Grind Collection to be given away, there’s a good chance to win!

Undercap Symbol rarity

All bonus rewards will be given out upon complete sale of The Crypto Cap Collection.

Keep your undercap in your wallet to collect the rewards, or maybe it’s better to sell it on via the marketplace. the choice is yours! Rewards will be sent gas free to the wallet address containing the winning undercap.

All symbols are randomly assigned to each bottle cap by a random number generator. Winners of the prize draws will also be selected at random via this method. Only one prize may be won per undercap NFT.

Undercap Properties

Left to wonder the wasteland by himself, Dark Wolf became highly proficient at finding food and…

…fighting robots! Wondering into Steel Sentinel land by yourself is always a danger, with so many defective bots roaming the abandoned cities, you will have to fight one sooner or later. Having a close call with his life in one battle in particular, Dark Wolf managed to survive with his leg crushed and eye gauged. This is when Jax found him, crawling away from the remnants of battle and a day away from death.