About Digi Caps

I see you’ve come here to find out more about who’s behind this project and why you should invest?

Would it be surprising if I told you this project is created and run by a one man team? Well, let me give you a little background about myself and how I ended up creating this crazy world full of bottlecaps…

Jax Oxide

a.k.a. Jack Howell

Leader of The Digi Caps Raiders and owner of the Bar & Chill

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MAin Story Characters

All of these characters have had a real world part to play in Digi Caps at certain times. Although not active now, Microsqueege really did help out in Digi Caps Bar & Chill for a time, and hopefully will again soon. Darkwolf and JP000 helped to create some of the artwork for the Digi Caps Raiders.


Lead Bar Tender in the Bar & Chill

Dark Wolf

Digi Caps Raiders Mascot


Bar Tender & Jax Servant

Who's Behind the mask...

Jax Oxide is merely a fa├žade of who I really am. Am I as badass as Jax… no, but who is?

My name is Jack. I’m a family man from Milton Keynes, 50 miles north of London, UK. I spent a lot of my time growing up playing RPG video games. Fallout was one of my favorite games of all time (Fallout 4 especially), that along with games like Diablo and Borderlands, gave me huge inspiration to make this project.

I’ve always been intrigued with fantasy worlds that “could be a reality”, even if the thought of them actually happening is not so attractive. Creating my own fantasy world has always been on my agenda and with the huge surge in interest for NFTs, it really gave me a boost to get this project into action!

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life studying and working in the visual arts industry. From photography and image manipulations, to 3D visualisations, graphic design, and technical illustration, it’s fair to say I’ve picked up a fair amount of experience along the journey in my career.

Over the last two years I’ve studied on the side to learn new skills and set out my goal of achieving something greater than what I ever expected of myself. I learnt how to build websites, how to start my own business and then I moved into the world of cryptocurrency.

This is where I started to truly love what I was doing. Community is of massive importance to me; within the crypto and NFT communities I discovered what really matters. Everyone is here to help each other. We all want to see each other achieve great things. It’s honestly amazing to be a part of this great community.

Why invest in this project

Forget my personal goals here for a minute. Of course I have personal goals, but who doesn’t. What I really want to achieve with this is to bring people together who have the same passions. That’s passion for art, for gaming, for community and a passion for exploring fantasy worlds and exciting new ideas.

My goal here is to build up this community and make this a fun investment for people to be a part of.

Yes, I’m starting this out on my own, but I have plans for the future of this project and I hope we can all work together to see this go far. The community will be heard and I will listen to what you have to say!

Digi Caps Future

We have a monumental amount planned for this project coming up.

There will be a members area of the website which you will need a Cap NFT to become a part of. More about these plans will be revealed as the project progresses.

I would like to give back to the community who invest in this project in any way I can. Once the project has progressed passed the early stages more of these ideas will be put into action. I would like for bottle cap NFT HODLers to receive a benefit of HODLing, other than membership to the Digi Cap Raiders of course.

The undercaps were the first step in this direction, so I hope you enjoy them and it gives you an insight into the kind of ideas I have in mind.