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I see you’ve come here to find out more about Digi Caps, who is behind it and why you should invest.

Even though you may catch me referring to Digi Caps as “our” or “us”, would you be surprised if I told you this project is created and run by a single person.

In any case, let me give you a little background about myself and how I ended up creating this crazy world full of bottlecaps, raiders and beasts…

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The Founder

The guy behind Jax Oxide...

Jack Howell

Leader of The Digi Caps Raiders and furthermore, owner of the Bar & Chill.

Learn more about Jack on here or on  X

Main Story Characters

All of these characters actually had a real world part to play in Digi Caps.

Although not active now, Microsqueege did in fact formerly help out in Digi Caps Bar & Chill (Discord) for a time, and hopefully will again soon. Darkwolf and JP9000 also helped to create some of the artwork for the Digi Caps Raiders!

A portrait showing Microsqueege, head bar tender of the Digi Caps Bar & Chill. Showing more about our NFT Project.


Lead Bar Tender in the Bar & Chill

A portrait showing Darkwolf, Jax best friend and helper at the Digi Caps Bar & Chill. Showing more about our NFT Project.

Dark Wolf

Jax Best Friend and Pet

A portrait showing JP9000 Robot, bar tender of the Digi Caps Bar & Chill. Showing more about our NFT Project.


Bar Tender & Jax Robot

Special Cap Holder Characters

These characters were created and added to the main storyline as a bonus for collecting Crypto Caps adding up to 26 or more Dreadlands Rarity points.

Tosc character looks a little wild and strange. Collecting caps with a sack on his back


One of the most renowned cap scavengers in The Dreadlands.

The Bar & Chill

The Bar & Chill is home to Jax Oxide and at the same time headquarters for the Digi Caps Raiders.

Buy NFTs from Digi Caps in order to gain access to the members area of the website to find out much more lore and story!

The Bar & Chill on OpenSea Banner for home page welcome, thus setting the scene for Digi Caps NFT Project. Crypto artist Jax Oxide standing in the bar.

You can visit the Bar & Chill now by going to our Discord which is set up as a bar space where the NFT community (survivors of The Dreadlands) can gather!

The Digi Caps Roadmap

Buy NFTs by Digi Caps for the purpose of a good crypto investment. This featured cap with logo printed on a Blockchain Bottlecap consequently shows a perfect example of our NFT project artwork. opensea collections
Sept 2021

Digi Caps Launched

All socials profiles established, website complete; additionally the first 25 caps released.


Undercap NFTs added as unlockable content to the Crypto Cap Collection to begin with.

Digi Caps NFT Project. A photo of Jax mom!

25 Crypto Caps Sold

Meanwhile, take Mom out to lunch to celebrate!

Buy NFTs, Digi Caps Raiders on OpenSea, digi caps nft crypto collection. In any case, regular NFT Drops.


Begin work on 6,666 Digi Caps Raiders avatar NFT collection, while writing smart contract.

Digi Caps NFT Project image showing 100 Crypto Cap NFTs sold!

100 Crypto CAPS SOLD

Unlockable areas of the website explicitly for holders of Digi Caps NFTs, with sneak peaks and additional story!

Buy NFTs by Digi Caps in the Beasts of The Dreadlands Collection on OpenSea, in view of digi caps Crypto project.

Release the Beasts

Furthermore, create and release the Beasts of The Dreadlands collection on OpenSea.

Digi Caps NFTs Display case for the Crypto Cap Collection.

Cap Holder Bonuses

At the same time, release a set of rewards for the holders of Crypto Caps.

Digi Caps Raiders NFT Tribe Wars poster. Tribe wars on Discord for this NFT Project
End 2023


At this point, the 6,666 Digi Caps Raiders whitelist sale and release. Separate roadmap for Raiders...

New features for the NFT Project! Cool Jax oxide ai portrait representing this section


Look into creating a Metaverse Bar & Chill, and also a community wallet with staking options.

Blockchain Bottle Cap NFTs on OpenSea. The next big NFT collection - Gamers Grind Caps

500 Crypto Caps Sold

Create and launch the next cap collection.

Future of Digi Caps NFT Project image! What does the future hold?

100 ETH Vol Traded

Using the lore of The Dreadlands, and all collections released by Digi Caps, create a web 3 rpg game where NFT lot can be discovered whilst playing, used in the game or traded.

Who's Behind the mask


Jax Oxide is merely a façade of who I really am. Am I as badass as Jax, no, but who is…

Jax Oxide is merely a façade of who I really am. Am I as badass as Jax, no, but who is.

My name is Jack, a family man from Milton Keynes, 50 miles north of London, UK. I spent a lot of time when growing up playing RPG video games, such as Fallout, which was one of my favorite games of all time. Along with games like Diablo and Borderlands, which on the whole gave me huge inspiration to make this Digi Caps NFT Project.

Before NFTs


I’ve always been intrigued with fantasy worlds that “could be a reality”…

I’ve always been intrigued with fantasy worlds that “could be a reality”. Creating my own fantasy world has always been on my agenda and now that NFTs became popular, it gave me a fantastic boost to get Digi Caps into action!

I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life studying and working in the visual arts industry. From photography and image manipulation, to 3D visualisations, graphic design, and technical illustration, website design, visual coding, it’s fair to say I’ve picked up a fair amount of experience along the journey in my career.

Community is of massive importance to me and what’s more within the crypto and NFT community I’ve made some incredible connections.

Why Digi Caps


The main goal of this NFT Project is to build a community of like minded people…

The main goal of this NFT Project is to build a community of like minded people and make Digi Caps a fun NFT investment for them to be a part of.

I want to bring people together who have the same passions. Passion for art, for gaming, for community and with this in mind a passion for exploring fantasy worlds and exciting new ideas.

Yes, I’m starting this out on my own, but I have huge plans for the future of this project and I hope we can all work together to see this go far. The community will have a huge part to play in how this NFT project progresses.

Digi Caps and the future


I have a monumental amount of cool ideas planned for this project…

I have a monumental amount of cool ideas planned for this project.

Bottle Caps, Raiders, Beasts, are all just the start. As the projects progresses I have added more and more, keeping Digi Caps up to date with current and relevant tech, as well as adding more rewards for those who hold Digi Caps NFTs.

I have released a Token on Polygon, DBCAPs, which can be used to purchase Digi Caps NFTs, soon to be used to gamble on Raiders battles, as well as holding value later down the line when released for trade!

I enjoy giving back to the community who trust in what I’m creating. At the start, the undercaps were the first step. I then added Cap Holder Bonuses as rewards for holding Crypto Caps. In addition to this I added Raider Rewards to give back to those investing in DCR, and in addition winners of the Tribe Wars and battles receive pay-outs and other bonuses for taking part in Digi Caps Discord game.

When the time is right I will develop this NFT Project into a more extensive and interactive online Web 3 game using the NFTs you hold, but I probably wont stop there either…

Our NFT Collections

Caps, Raiders, Beasts and More

Digi Caps ever expanding NFT Universe offers a wide range of collectables and utilities. Explore more of what we offer and see what suits you!