Digi Caps Raiders

6 MATIC on Polygon 12/20/23


The Digi Caps Raiders are a collection of 6,666 kickass avatar NFTs on the Polygon Blockchain

The Digi Caps Raiders are a collection of 6,666 kickass avatar NFTs on the Polygon Blockchain.

The Raiders consist of five main tribes working to collect caps for Jax Oxide, although there are also a few individuals who work alone, called The Lone Wanderers.

Raiders are set to be released for public mint on the 20th December 2023 at a mint price of 6 Matic per Raider.

The first mint will be a drop of 666 Raiders. You will be able to mint via connecting to a Dapp on this website. This app interacts directly with the Raiders smart contract and is perfectly safe, but if you are unsure just connect with a hot wallet and then transfer your Raiders to the wallet you wish to keep them in.

All raiders minted will be available to see and trade on OpenSea once they are minted.


Play in the Tribe Wars

The Raiders metadata is dynamically changeable, so as you gain ranks and battle rating in the Tribe Wars your NFT becomes rarer!

The Spoils of War

Collect Loot During Battle

Every Tribe War you Raider in battle has a chance to bring home loot from the Spoils of War collection. This loot can be earned from battle and if transferred to the same wallet as the Raider for free. This hand drawn loot will have varying rarities.

Common Loot

A supply of 50-100 per item

Rare Loot

A supply of 10-50 per item

Unique Loot

A supply of 5-10 per item


Tribes Win Prizes

The Winning Tribe will receive crypto prizes at the end of each war. Each member of the winning tribe will receive 6 Matic back, and the top 5 of that Tribe will receive escalating crypto prizes of up to 100 Matic!

Tribes of the Dreadlands

Each tribe is unique in it’s own way. Click the button below to learn more about each tribe.

The Tribe Wars


Owners of a Raider NFT can take part in the Tribe Wars, battling to Gain Rarity in the collection, Loot Rewards from the Spoils of War collection and Crypto Prizes!

Owners of a Raider NFT can take part in the Tribe Wars, battling to Gain Rarity in the collection, Loot Rewards from the Spoils of War collection and Crypto Prizes!

Entry to the Tribe Wars is based on the Digi Caps Discord. This allows for a trustworthy platform in which participants can verify their ownership of the NFT and communicate as a community, making use of gated tribal rooms and global chat rooms to enjoy the experience together.

STEP 1 - Mint a raider NFT

Mint a Raider on the Digi Caps website or by trading for one on the secondary market.

STEP 2 - Join Discord

Digi Caps Discord is the community hub for all Tribes and, in essence, where the Tribe Wars will be held.

STEP 3 - Verify Your NFT

Join the #verify-your-nft channel and follow the process to verify your Raider NFT

STEP 4 - Send them to War

Using the commands outlined on Discord you can then send your Raider to war! Use the /sendtowar command and enter the Raider number you wish to send and your username.

STEP 5 - Watch the action

Via the War Room you can see the action unfold as the war progresses.

STEP 6 - Earn rewards

Get involved, earn points, win rewards! May the best tribe win!

Raiders Roadmap

Male Steel Sentinels Raider example.

Raiders Launch

Raiders artwork complete and tribe wars mathematical game sheet is ready to go! Launch the Raiders!

Male Ethereals Raider example.


Cap holders to mint their free Raiders on the 18th Dec. Whitelist participantsto mint their half price Raiders on the 19th Dec

Female Gas Snakes Raider example.

Mint Phase 1

The first mint phase will be open on the 20th December until the first 666 Raiders are sold.

Female Steel Sentinels Raider NFT example.

Tribe Wars 1

The first Tribe Wars will go ahead on the first week of January to kick the new year off in style!

Male Dreadlanders Raider example.

Rarity Updates

Raiders who levelled up and obtained a battle rating will have their metadata updated.

Female Lone Wonderer Raider NFT example.


Winners of loot will have this transferred to them. Members of the winning tribe will receive crypto prizes.

Male Gas Snakes Raider NFT example.

Next Phases

The second mint phase will be open for the next 666 Raiders, from the beginning of February. The mint price will be raised to 9 Matic.

Male General Raider example.


Every 1,111 Raiders minted will see a special milestone hit and an exciting addition to the project

Female Midnight Marauders Raider NFT example.
1,111 Minted

Enhanced Tribe Wars

Crypto prizes for the winning tribe and top 5 are enhanced!

2,222 Minted

Tribe Wars Expansion

Create new elements to the wars which allow for different outcomes for the tribes.

3,333 Minted

$CAPS Token Release

Release $CAPS token, creating a tradable currency for use within the Digi Caps universe.

4,444 Minted

Virtual Bar & Chill

Open a metaverse Bar & Chill for Raiders for expansion of the web 3 Digi Caps community.

5,555 Minted

Custom Loot 1/1

Create weekly custom loot rewards for the most active community members.

6,666 Minted

Competition Expansion

Expand the Tribe Wars with a web 3 gaming app as well as other ways to get involved.

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