Rewards and Bonuses

The Holding Digi Caps NFTs Experience

Having collected some Digi Caps NFTs, you’d like to know the bonuses that come with them… check below to find out!



Crypto Cap Holders

Crypto Cap Holders

Raider Rewards

Raider Rewards

Tribe Wars Rewards

Tribe Wars Rewards

Undercap NFTs

What is this unlockable content?

Rarity of the NFT undercaps


You find a strange symbol on the undercap.

What does it mean…

You purchased a NFT from the Crypto Cap Collection and find a strange symbol on the undercap.

What does it mean…

Firstly, check the symbol rarity below. You may have discovered a super rare nft!

Holding an undercap at this time enters you into a prize draw for one of the next Main Collection Bottle Caps (pre-release).

In this case, the rarer the symbol on your undercap, the better the odds are of you winning! The first 25 caps will be given away, so there’s a good chance to win!

Symbol Rarity


All symbols are randomly assigned to each bottle cap once the Crypto Cap is purchased.

Nfts by Digi Caps Undercap Symbol rarity chart

NFT Properties Chart


Properties range from level of luck, state of the cap, and also smell!

All bonus rewards will be given out upon complete sale of The Crypto Cap Collection.

Keep your undercap in your wallet to collect the rewards.

Crypto Cap Holder Rewards

To calculate your rewards check the “Stats” section on OpenSea for a Dreadlands Rarity score. Add your DR score together to see what you have.

To claim any of these rewards, simply contact Jax via any of our social media channels and organise the reward! 

Display Cases for Crypto Caps

6 Dreadlands Rarity Points

When you reach 6 Dreadlands Rarity points or above, or hold 3 Crypto Caps you can claim your free Display Case NFT containing your collected caps.

Silver Case

Fits 3 Caps

Gold Case

Fits 4 - 6 Caps

Platinum Case

Fits 7 - 10 Caps

Custom Made Caps

16 Dreadlands Rarity Points

When you reach 16 Dreadlands Rarity Points you can have a custom cap created to your specifications and added to the latest cap collection!

Custom Made Character

26 Dreadlands Rarity Points or Collect 250 Raiders

When you reach 26 Dreadlands Rarity points or have collected 250+ Raiders you can claim your very own character in The Dreadlands!

Your character will be written into the story and lore of The Dreadlands forever more, and will occasionally appear in other stories too! Your character will also be added to the Raiders collection and be able to take part in the Tribe Wars!

Tosc character looks a little wild and strange. Collecting caps with a sack on his back


Character in The Dreadlands

Tosc was rewarded with a character in The Dreadlands.

Other Raider Rewards

Collect Raiders to earn unique rewards, including Digi Caps own Crypto Token, Customised Loot, Enhanced Raiders and a Custom Character added to the Collection!

10k DBCAPS Token

15 Raiders Collected

Collect 15+ Raiders and get airdropped 10,000 Dreadlands Bottle Caps Token.

Custom Made loot

50 Raiders Collected

Collect 50+ Raiders and request a custom piece of 1/1 hand drawn unique loot with great stats added to the Spoils of War Collection.

Enhanced Raiders

100 Raiders Collected

Collect 100+ Raiders and request your 2 pieces of custom loot be added to 2 Raiders of your choice.

Tribe Wars Rewards

Taking part in the Tribe Wars means you can earn crypto prizes, find loot from the Spoils of War collection, and level up your Raider (making it rarer in the Raiders collection).

As well as this there are points to collect each war, with permanent leader boards.


At the end of every Tribe War the leaderboards will be updated to reflect the points earned during that war. The All Time Leader Board is cumulative and displays the top 25 Raiders of all time.

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