Dreadlands Currency

$DBCAPs Token on Polygon

Dreadlands Bottle Caps Token or $DBCAP is a reward you can earn by taking part in the Tribe Wars or collecting Raiders. The token can be used to purchase Digi Caps Polygon NFTs via this website. 

Add $DBCAPs to your wallet

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18 Decimals

Earn DBCAPs by Playing

Take part in the Tribe Wars and battles to fill your bags with Dreadlands Bottle Cap Tokens.

Holder Rewards

When you collect 15 Raiders you will be airdropped 10,000 DBCAPs

HODL for the Future

Digi Caps will release the DBCAP for trade in the near future. Will you hold onto yours and see if you can make a good profit on release?

Use DBCAPs on These Collections

Currently available collections you can spend your DBCAPs on…

Place your bets!

We’ll be adding a new battle stage to the Tribe Wars game, “Tournament” mode. In this you will be able to use DBCAPs to bet on a winner.

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