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You are a Digi Caps NFT holder and therefor have special access to this sacred area of the Digi Caps Bar & Chill. Here you will find fabled tales of age from The Dreadlands and information inaccessible to those who are not involved.

Dreadlands Origins

Find out more about how The Dreadlands came to be

The origin stories are what you should read first. These are our most important pieces of information before you go on to read about other areas of The Dreadlands.

Stories from The Dreadlands

Unlockable Story Content with Digi Caps Membership

Here you can find general stories from The Dreadlands and other key pieces of information that you will enjoy discovering.

Raiders Merch Store

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See what we have stashed away behind the bar in the Digi Caps merch store! Raiders only!

Sneak Peeks

Digi Caps Raiders

Check out a selection of the upcoming Raiders! From common attributes to extremely rare, random mints will be available via the Digi Caps website for 0.006 ETH on Polygon!

Didn’t get the tribe you wanted? Mint some more or trade someone for the tribe you want.

Partaking in the TRIBE WARS will be fun and rewarding! So once you have your Raider don’t forget to verify it on Discord and join a tribe!

There are also 25 Super Unique Raiders to collect! Check them out!!

NFT Collections by Digi Caps

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