Dreadlands Origins

Not many people know the truth about how The Dreadlands came to be. Your Mama probably told you nice fairy tales of Angels battling Demons, and how we are the “chosen ones”, but let me enlighten you to what really happened…

Long ago, before the meteors rained down on earth, there was a lush world full of green, pretty flowers, and people, lots of people. The meteors destroyed 99.9% of the World’s population in an instant. What was left in it’s wake was this wasteland of death, greed and destruction we now call The Dreadlands, and for good reason too.

A map of The Dreadlands where the meteors crashed and created this dystopian future. Inspired both by the bored apes and Fallout videos games.

The uninhabitable zones were left as a black charred mess spread across the skeleton of our planet, barely recognisable from it’s past inhabitants. What was left in The Dreadlands was a wreckage of rubble and destruction, but the survivors of this post-apocalyptic world made use of what was left to create homes, weapons and most importantly, drinks and caps… glorious caps!

It took almost a year after Armageddon day for the atmosphere to return to some form of normality. Although The Dreadlands was surrounded by an uninhabitable cloud of green doom, most of The Dreadlands became liveable and plant life returned by 35%.

The Dreadlands is a rough and tough place to live, scattered with mutated beasts of the former world, you have to watch your back dear survivor… trust yourself, trust your instincts, and if you’re lucky join up with one of the tribes.

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