The Bar & Chill

Jax built the Bar & Chill from the ground up with his bear hands. In 12 A.A.D, when Jax discovered a hidden stash of caps in a nearby Mudrat nest, he knew this was a good place to make his sanctuary.

Strategically located in the middle of nowhere on the island formally known as Cuba, the Bar & Chill is far away from any immediate threat from beasts, particularly Glowing Serpentinos, which Jax in particular does not like at all!

10 epochs passed after Jax first built the Bar & Chill and survivors began to arrive at his doors. Being so far away from any other kind of drinking establishment, almost all survivors needed Jax help. This is when Jax started recruiting anyone who could actually make it to his bar… after all, anyone making it this far must be pretty badass!

Many had to prove their badassery by competing in bar fights. Anyone who didn’t die could be a part of the Digi Caps Raiders, benefitting from Dreadlands wide protection and a healthy supply of food and drink from Jax himself. The Raiders would be tasked with finding the rarest caps for Jax collection all over The Dreadlands.

After 20 epochs Jax recruited a Cyber Wolf capable of understanding English, Dark Wolf, and he built his very own robot, JP9000, with the help of a returning survivor, Microsqueege, who he soon appointed as head bar tender.

After another 35 epochs, Jax had now built up a small army of Raiders. The Bar & Chill became the main headquarters for the Raiders and never a day passes when it isn’t thriving and busy.

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