People of The Dreadlands

With the population of the planet devastated during Armageddon Day, the few that were left grouped together and formed tribes in the different areas of The Dreadlands. Those that didn’t found it hard to survive, although some badasses, like Jax, learned to go it alone.

To survive, people hunt for crypto wallets on abandoned old hard drives from the previous world. Crypto, the main currency used throughout The Dreadlands, but caps, bottle caps of the rarest variety are what people strive to get their hands on!

The best members of each tribe work directly for Jax Oxide as the Digi Caps Raiders. Vowing never to kill each other, even if their tribes go to war, they concentrate their efforts on finding the rarest caps in the land for Jax and Digi Caps.

The Steel Sentinels

The Steel Sentinels are a population of cybernetic humans. Some are born into it, but others join later in life and get their implants when they are graduated from cyber school. The cities of the Steel Sentinels are much more built up and technologically advanced than the rest of The Dreadlands. With better cap finding tech, the citizens of the Steel Sentinel tribe are often much more wealthy.

The capitol city lies just outside of The Canyon on Deep, strategically built into a position of great defence. The other tribes, should they ever wish to attack, would have the greatest difficulty.

The Midnight Marauders

The Midnight Marauders managed to populate a highly radioactive part of The Dreadlands. Most have built up a strange resistance to the radiation, some even glow green with its powerful emitions. 

One of the most amazing cities of this new world, Sunset Ridge, is based in the north and run by the Midnight Marauders. Ghoulie, their infamous leader, has the penthouse suit overlooking the Sludge Pits where civilians who commit crimes are made to fight to the death. Don’t venture into Midnight Marauder territory without a Geiger Counter!

The Gas Snakes

The Gas Snakes are a burly bunch of bikers and hard-ass bastards. Occupying the middle of The Dreadlands, they separate the north and south with their territory, giving them a lot of power over the other tribes, who pay tribute to the Gas Snakes in order to cross territories.

The Gas Snakes are always on the move. Their territory is covered with smaller towns and rest stops, leaving them with no capitol city. Rarely do the other tribes have a feud with them, as it’s impossible to mount any kind of focussed attack. The Gas Snakes love to cause trouble though, especially at the Bar & Chill!

The Ethereals

The people of the Ethereal tribe discovered lands that were vastly unscathed by the destruction of Armageddon Day, although most of the infrastructure had crumbled, the lands we good for growing crops and setting up tribal style camps. With a decent amount of sunshine penetrating the evil skies, the Ethereals learnt to live off of the land and make use of what grew around them, hunting wild beasts that roamed in their territories.

Mostly peaceful by nature, the people of this tribe are also some of the fiercest folk in The Dreadlands.

With no need to trade for goods or food, currency is almost lost on the people of this tribe, although they do love a good shiny bottle cap! If you want to find gold and silver caps then Ethereals territory is the place to be.

The Dreadlanders

The Dreadlanders are a very peaceful people, focused on growing families and farming the lands that surround them, they built homes amongst the wrecked buildings from the previous world. Making smart use of the rubble that lay beneath them, they created an efficient working civilization, threatened only by the tribes that want their resources.

These people most closely represent the population of the world that was destroyed on Armageddon Day. The Dreadlanders would sooner settle issues over a beer at the local pub before entering upon violence. A civilization built around breweries, this tribe produces 85% of The Dreadlands beer!

Lone Wanderers

Not everyone is associated with a tribe in The Dreadlands. Some people managed to survive on their own, or in small nit groups as they travel from place to place, scavenging for their daily needs.

These are some of the most hardy and disciplined people, you’d have to be to survive like this.

Most lone wonderers don’t ever get discovered, but if they are, they are swiftly avoided.

Jax recruited a number of these individuals to work under him as Raiders. If specialist jobs need doing, you can be sure that it’ll be a Lone Wonderer taking on the challenge.

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