“Wow, it’s been six… no seven epochs since I last saw a stranger around these parts!”

The old man looks you up and down.

“Don’t look worse for wear neither,”

He appraises you, a mixture of suspicion and approval washes over his face.

“Take a seat traveller and get yourself a brew. I’m Jax Oxide, bar owner and leader of the Digi Cap Raiders. Say, you got any rare caps?”

His eyes beam with hope.

“Didn’t think so. Maybe you are here to have a look at my rare NFT collectables. I may have a few for sale…”

Buy a Crypto Cap and Get

Beautiful artwork

Show off your nft and do as you please with it.

A Free NFT with every cap

Get a free undercap nft with every bottle cap (see bounty board)

Pre-sale Access

At a reduced cost for future collections

Digi Caps Raider Membership

Unlocking special areas of the website (coming soon)

The Dreadlands

Not many people know the truth about how The Dreadlands came to be. Your Mama probably told you nice fairy tales of Angels battling Demons, and how we are the “chosen ones”, but let me enlighten you to what really happened…

Long ago, before the meteors struck, it was a lush world, full of green trees, pretty flowers and people, lots of people. The meteors destroyed 99.9% of the World’s population in an instant. What was left In its wake was this wasteland of death, greed and destruction, we now call The Dreadlands, and for good reason too.

The ones that survived, made a life for themselves amongst the wreckage of the world, but “life” is barely a word I’d use… for most of the poor wretches can barely afford to drink clean water.

Now most people hunt for crypto wallets on abandoned old hard drives from the world before. Crypto is the main currency used throughout The Dreadlands, but caps, bottle caps of the rarest variety are what people strive to get their hands on.

You’ve come to the right place today my friend, let me tell you, as I have been hunting caps with the Digi Cap Raiders since 124 A.A.D, and my collection is for sale!

Roadmap & Utility

Get your crypto wallets ready, we’ll be releasing 25 caps from Digi Caps Bar & Chill every week. Over time this may increase, but for now let’s not cause a riot in this quiet part of The Dreadlands.

Caps will be gaining increased utility as the project progresses! From unlocking special areas of the website to giving you discounts on future releases by HODLing your cap! We will be continuously coming up with new ways for you to use your caps to gain back from your investment!


Check the bounty board and discover more about our unlockable content! Get your Undercap when you purchase a Crypto Cap Bottlecap and find out what it’s all about!

Bottle Cap Collections

We have wondered far and wide, searching the deepest caverns of The Ruthless Pits, to the tallest peaks of Rock Mound. Hunting caps has lead to us accumulating a number of complete collections, of which there are 999 unique bottle caps per set.

Become a Dreadlands Raider

The Digi Cap Raiders are recruiting fearless individuals to join our crew. Buy a cap and become a Digi Cap Raider!

Unlock areas of Digi Caps Bar & Chill unseen to the public!