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Welcome Survivor

“Damn, it’s been six… no seven epochs since I last saw a stranger around these parts!”

The old man looks you up and down.

“Don’t look worse for wear neither,”

He appraises you, a mixture of suspicion and approval washes over his face.

“Take a seat traveller and get yourself a brew. I’m Jax owner of the Bar & Chill. Say, do you like caps?”

His eyes beam with hope.

“Maybe you are here to have a look at my rare Bottle Cap NFTs. I may have a few for sale…”

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NFTs by Digi Caps

More than just artwork

Digi Caps is not your average NFT Project. Our NFTs range from Blockchain Bottlecaps, Digi Caps Raiders and even unique and incredible Beasts, all found in this deadly dystopian future known as The Dreadlands.

Digi Caps create some of the most collectible NFTs in Web 3, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to own one!

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Why buy our NFTs?

When you buy a Digi Caps NFT, you are buying into a story, a lore and incredible world full of unique and fun ideas to explore.

A project that delivers much more than just pretty artwork, Digi Caps has been continuously developing since 2021 and is always pushing forward. The aim is to develop this project into a game, book, maybe even a movie, because I have huge aspirations for Digi Caps!

Will you be a part of our NFT future?

Don’t miss out!

The Dreadlands

Not many people know the truth about how The Dreadlands came to be. Your Mama probably told you nice fairy tales of Angels battling Demons, and how we are the “chosen ones”, but let me enlighten you to what really happened…

Nfts by Digi Caps World Map and Dreadlands

Bar & Chill

EXLA Studio

Dreadlands East

The Canyon on Deep

Sunset Ridge

Long ago, before the meteors rained down on earth, there was a lush world full of green, pretty flowers, and people, lots of people. The meteors destroyed 99.9% of the World’s population in an instant. What was left in it’s wake was this wasteland of death, greed and destruction we now call The Dreadlands, and for good reason too…

Buy a Digi Caps NFT to gain membership and immerse yourself in the story of The Dreadlands!

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