Dreadlands East

You’ve discovered the Crypto Cap NFT Collection in Dreadlands East, a place full of drunks, low-lifes and wheat fields, making Crytpo Drinks extremely popular with the locals. From extremely rare beers to everyday pop, the Digi Caps Raiders managed to locate all collectables in this area so you don’t have to!

The Crypto Caps Collection consists of 999 caps and are stored securely in the Digi Caps Bar & Chill underground safe. Don’t miss out on new releases and amazing fresh deals from Digi Caps my fellow survivors!

Crypto Cap Properties

The Digi Caps Radiers and I discovered a chart of property values in a small safe at the bottom of Dills River. Lucky for you, you can check below and see what stats are the rarest!

Below you can see the type of drink you have found.

Below you can check how rare the prominent flavor is and where the bottle cap was found.

Map of Dreadlands East

Discover where my raiders found each bottlecap from the Crypto Caps NFT Collection in this drunken plain of Dreadlands East.

Bottle Cap Collections

We have wondered far and wide, searching the deepest caverns of The Ruthless Pits, to the tallest peaks of Rock Mound. Hunting caps has lead to us accumulating a number of complete collections, of which there are 999 unique bottle caps per set.

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