A Dark Wolf Tale

Not all cyber wolves begin their lives as cybernetic creatures. For the longest of times, Dark Wolf was actually one of the true wild wolves of The Dreadlands. Up until the age of 3, Dark Wolf was part of a pack, roaming freely and feeding on Mudrats from north to south.

It was on a calm afternoon in Northern Dreadlands that Dark Wolf and his pack were forced to flee as a tidal wave of green mist swept over the land. As Dark wolf sped ahead, he watched behind as his family was engulfed by the demonic radioactive blanket.

Left to wonder the wasteland by himself, Dark Wolf became highly proficient at finding food and…

…fighting robots! Wondering into Steel Sentinel land by yourself is always a danger, with so many defective bots roaming the abandoned cities, you will have to fight one sooner or later. Having a close call with his life in one battle in particular, Dark Wolf managed to survive with his leg crushed and eye gauged. This is when Jax found him, crawling away from the remnants of battle and a day away from death.

Jax had no choice but enhance Dark Wolf with cybernetic body parts in order for him to survive. From that day on Dark Wolf was so badass even the defective bots didn’t mess with him… if they did, they were pulverized!

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