A Robot Friend

This is the tale of a once soon to be trashed robot. Defective and wasting away in the back streets of Creption, Steel Sentinel territory, Jax and Dark Wolf together discovered the head of this sorry bot, laying in the middle of Junk Street. Shaking the head harshly woke the bot up enough for Jax to know he could fix this head of rubble.

Jax grabbed the head and searched the city for spare parts. Coming across an abandoned old factory, Dark Wolf and Jax scavenged enough parts to take back to the Bar & Chill with them and put the sorry ass robot back together.

As the bot became whole again Jax switched him on, hoping he wouldn’t explode into a newly formed pile of parts…

Luckily for Jax he worked immediately, although a bit strange, the bot seemed to refer to himself as JP9000. Jax had coded into his core to work for him as a bar tender and that is what he did.

One thing disturbed Jax when searching his primary code base however… He found something strange in there, highly out of the ordinary which he couldn’t delete, nor understand. Jax hoped that it wouldn’t one day bite them in the ass… but who knows…

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