The Story of Jax Pt.1

Jax Oxide, a fearsome and respected leader of many. Kind hearted to those in need and a symbol of unity amongst the people of The Dreadlands. Although not all follow him, he commands the respect of everyone and all that stumble into his bar.

Jax story wasn’t always so, however, as we discover in his tale below. Jax was merely a young lad when Armageddon Day struck and he was lucky enough to survive the waves of devastation that swept over the Earth.

As the meteors struck, Jax was playing in a park with his young friends. Fetching a soccer ball that had rolled down the steep hill near the park, he felt the tremendous thuds of these monstrous rocks from outer space slamming into the other side of the Earth. As the rumbling grew, Jax knew he had to take cover and ran as fast as he could into a nearby forest. The wind picking up wildly behind him like a flame chasing down a fuse wire, he jumped into a small dried up lake, submerging himself under the water for what seemed like an eternity.

As he emerged he discovered the charred remains of the trees around him. It was this point on this day that Jax understood, that everything he once knew was gone and he would have an unknown and impossibly hard path ahead.

After a year of scavenging the remains of his left over world, Jax had to grow up fast. Jax managed to survive by scavenging leftovers from the previous world. Bottles of drink survived the destruction remarkably well and Jax found that collecting the caps off of the bottles gave him something to trade.

As the world around him changed back into a more recognisable landscape, Jax started to venture further into The Dreadlands, staying well clear of the green mist that seemed to occasionally drift inwards from the oceans.

Years passed and Jax had grown into a man, and as a lonesome figure he avoided people for a long time. After a long time in one area of Gas Snakes territory, a gap in the mist intrigued him and Jax decided to create a raft and venture out…

To Be Continued

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