Digi Caps Bar & Chill on OpenSea Banner for home page welcome, thus setting the scene for this NFT Project. Crypto artist Jax Oxide standing in the bar. See below for our nft drops
The Bar & Chill on OpenSea Banner for home page welcome, thus setting the scene for Digi Caps NFT Project. Crypto artist Jax Oxide standing in the bar.

Welcome Survivor

Wandering aimlessly through The Dreadlands, you stumble into a strange looking bar...

"Damn, it's been fifty... no fifty five epochs since I last saw a survivor around these parts!"

To begin with the old man looks you up and down...

"Don't look worse for wear neither,"

While he appraises you, a mixture of suspicion and approval washes over his face.

"Take a seat traveler and get yourself a brew. I'm Jax, owner of the Bar & Chill. Say, do you like caps?"

At the same time his eyes beam with hope...

"Maybe you want to see my rare Bottle Cap collections. Of course, I may have a few for sale..."

Bulletin Board

Digi Caps NFT Universe

Want to know more about an NFT project built on depth, story and driven by community...

Digi Caps is a ground-breaking universe of NFTs set in a post-apocalyptic world, The Dreadlands. Born out of the ashes of Armageddon Day, this universe brings together art, lore, and blockchain technology to create a unique and immersive digital collectibles experience.

Digi Caps is not just an NFT project, it’s an immersive and imaginative NFT world! If you’re looking to invest in something fun, immersive and with acres of depth, you’ve come to the right place!

With a well established social presence and large active community, we have some huge collectors on board, including Paris Hilton, who owns a Crypto Cap herself!

“The Dreadlands is not a place for the faint of heart survivor… You will need to have your wits about you if you want to get by.”

The old man takes a moment, perhaps reflecting on an old wasteland experience of his own…

“You want to join our community of survivors do you?”

He points to a poster on the wall of the bar, “Everything you need to know about The Dreadlands”, and slides you a bottle of beer down the counter, as he urges you to read on…

Digi Caps Raiders

2/10 Mints Complete

The Digi Caps Raiders are our most popular collection on the Polygon Blockchain.

Compete in the Tribe Wars; Digi Caps unique utility.

Battle your Raiders NFTs against each other

Win prizes such as Bags of Crypto, Hand Drawn Loot, and level up your Raider to become rarer in the collection!

The Spoils of War

Find awesome loot during battle

The Spoils of War collection is comprised of the Loot won by your Raiders during the Tribe Wars.

Common Loot

Rare Loot

Unique Loot

Loot can enhance your Raider during each battle.

The Crypto Cap Collection

Bottle Caps on Ethereum

The Crypto Caps are Digi Caps number 1 bottle cap collection on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Holding a Crypto Cap unlocks rewards for every Digi Caps collection, including great bonuses for the Tribe Wars.

Unique Holder Bonuses

Hold more Crypto Caps to unlock special bonuses.

Digi Caps Cryptocurrency

Dreadlands Bottle Caps $DBCAP

Earn DBCAPs during battle in the Tribe Wars.

Use the token to purchase more Digi Caps NFTs on Polygon, such as Raiders, Exquisite Brands Caps, or Loot from the Spoils of War.

What Makes digi caps special

Digi Caps is a story driven, community focused and a trustworthy brand, focused on rewarding holders.

The Dreadlands is a dynamic world full of unique and exciting ideas. Our NFT art is unique, hand drawn, and each one has it’s own backstory, giving it a place in The Dreadlands and a reason for existing.

Our NFT Projects feed into each other, giving unique utilities across the board. Digi Caps has been continuously growing since 2021 and we’re always pushing the boundaries of fresh ideas within the NFT space.

We have huge aspirations for the future, and every step we take we develop the project to become better, broader and involve the holders in new and exciting ways.

Will you join us on this epic adventure?

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